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Showing all 8 results

What is CBD Massage Oil Used For?

CBD Massage Oil can be used for a variety of reasons. It can be used to help relax the body and mind after a stressful day, it can be used to help revive achy joints and muscles after a workout or it can be used for its healing powers on any aches or pains. Whether used for a full-body massage or applied locally to particular pain points, Our CBD massage oils are sure to provide relaxation and relief.

Benefits of CBD Massage Oil?

Topical CBD has many benefits and has been used to help treat skin conditions and relieve aches and pains. It is most commonly used by athletes to help reduce post-workout soreness and muscle fatigue and also to reduce inflammation due to strain or injury. People suffering from chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and arthritis also use CBD massage oil to assist with pain and joint inflammation.

Why Synerva For Your CBD Massage Oil?

Each bottle of Synerva massage oil is expertly blended with essential oils to help revive, recover and relax your body. With 300mg of the highest quality organic, full-spectrum CBD in each bottle, you can be assured that you are using the highest quality CBD massage oils available in the UK. Mixed with a fractioned coconut carrier oil, the massage oils smoothly glide over your skin and act to hydrate and soothe.